kleinke consulting strategy

What is it, Kleinke consulting does?
We are specialised in advising small and medium size companies with 50 to 500 employees. Additionally we manage business start-ups. Our greatest experience we collected with companies of the following businesses:

- service
- production
- trade
- construction

Who is the Head?
Gerold Kleinke founded Kleinke Consulting in 1993. Since 2003 he is partner of the consulting company gegenplan, Berlin.

Kleinke is an information engineer and finished his studies at the renowned University of Dresden with a diplomacy paper on optic structures and systems. Afterwards, he developed complex structures for the assembly of circuits.

Since 1991 Kleinke uses is mathematic-analytic know how to advise public authorities and companies. First he was head of the subsidiary of a consulting company in Berlin/Brandenburg and led workshops on management. His main focus was on: strategy, marketing, negotiation and solution oriented coaching.

Kleinke is married with four children and has, according to himself, still enough nerves to handle other complex questions.
kleinke consulting strategy
Dipl.-Ing. Gerold Kleinke
Phone +49 (0)3 36 33 / 6 62 14